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Glock Gen1 through Gen5 Overview
Glock handguns have become all but commonplace in the holsters of Law Enforcement across the country, as well as a reliable sidearm that serves in armed conflicts across the globe with various militaries and police agencies. Glock handguns have also become incredibly popular in the civilian market, ..
M1911 Pistol
M1911 Pistol   The M1911, gaining its name from its initial patent date, has been a standard issue firearm to militaries around the world. Currently, in use by 28 nations, it was designed by John Browning and sold to the Colt Manufacturing Company. To date over 2.7 Million M1911 ..
Browning Hi Power
Browning Hi Power   Originally designed by John Browning the Browning Hi Power is a classic piece of history that continues to remain relevant and desired by many of those that consider themselves to be true firearms enthusiasts.   While John Browning came up with the in..
Kim Rhode an Olympic Winner
Kimberly Rhodes is a 6 time Olympian who recently won Bronze in Rio using the Beretta DT11. ..
Sig Sauer P229 Stainless Elite Stainless
    I recently purchased a 9MM Sig P229 Elite.  What a pretty gun!  I took it to my farm for a shoot.  Much to my disappointment, about every fifth shot, it would not eject the shell.  So I would stop, go through the normal safety procedures and manually extra..
Caesar Guerini Woodlander
I don’t often get excited about any product, but I must tell someone about my new friend.  I just purchased a Caesar Guerini 20 gauge shotgun with a 26” barrel.  It was one of those purchases that you don’t need but you really want.  What a pretty little gun. Well, I took the gun ..
On Sept. 12 I had the privilege to attend an event held by Nashville’s local talk show host Ralph Bristol coined as “The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security”.   This was the 3rd stop on Ralph’s “truck stop” tour, which has been growing in crowd size. On this stop Ralph was able t..
All Bugged Out For Survival
Recently I took some time off to work on my roof. Being a large project for one man I decided to enlist the help of a childhood buddy of mine named Bruce from when I was young growing up in the country.   Bruce is a simple man. He has little care for the world around him and has more of a..


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