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For Women Only:
Safely Carrying a Concealed Weapon

women concealed carry

In wake of a recent tragic event that made headlines, where a bright young mother lost her life, Nashville Gun & Knife has asked our friends at AGAPE Tactical, LLC for some advice for women and mothers who want to carry a concealed firearm. AGAPE Tactical, LLC has had the privilege of teaching permit classes, intermediate pistol classes, and tactical pistol classes to hundreds of women throughout the years. The question most asked by women is, “How do I safely carry a concealed weapon?” The following are some tips we often share:


Concealed Carry Tips

  1. Get training. The more comfortable you are with your firearm, the less likely you are to make a mistake.
  2. When buying a handgun, make sure that the gun fits your lifestyle. You will never change your lifestyle for a gun, the gun must fit your lifestyle. Think about questions such as, am I going to carry a purse? Am I going to wear a holster?
  3. If you carry a purse most of the time, a good quality double action revolver is the best option because womenssafelycarryingconcealedgunit can function within the confined space of a purse. A semi-automatic pistol will likely fire only once inside a purse before and ejected shell casing or items inside the purse cause it to malfunction.
  4. Some purses are made specifically for carrying a pistol, such as the Gun Tote’n Mamas Purse. This purse has a zippered pocket on the side which houses a pistol holster for your gun. If carrying a standard purse, be sure to keep the pistol in a zippered compartment which contains nothing but the pistol. Keeping the gun in a separate compartment prevents keys or other objects from engaging the trigger resulting in an accidental discharge.
  5. If choosing to carry a pistol is part of your lifestyle, you must always be vigilant in keeping the gun out of reach of children. Keep the gun concealed so a child will not easily find it. Once children are old enough to be educated in gun safety, teach them. The first gun safety rule to teach your children is, “If you find a gun, don’t touch it, leave the room, and find an adult.”


Following these simple rules can make carrying a concealed weapon comforting and not terrifying. Carrying is meant to provide safety for you and the ones you love. Ultimately, it is up to you and you alone to protect your family. Being properly trained builds your confidence as a gun owner. Contact AGAPE Tactical, LLC, for all your training needs and stop by Nashville Gun & Knife for assistance in picking the perfect firearm, holster and conceal carry purses.

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