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Nashville Gun & Knife Videos

Nashville Gun & Knife

Rated Best Of The Best

Nashville Gun & Knife is proud to be rated Best Of The Best. To learn what give us such a great distinction watch this video.

Gun Safety

Talking To Kids

Ever wanted to know what your kids think about guns? Starting the discussion about guns with your children to help them learn and respect firearms. Gun safety starts with education. Teach your kids about guns before they learn it from someone or somewhere else.


Beretta Nano

One Tough Gun

Need something tough, reliable and easily concealed? Check out the Beretta Nano. This just might be the personal protection firearm you have been looking for.


G17 Interchange

Inside Out

This is a great video from Glock that not only shows the simple but also versatile design. Known for its rugged dependability and extensibility the Glock is a great firearm choice for beginner to advanced.


Nashville Gun & Knife

Intro to Nashville's best gun store

Nashville Gun & Knife is happy to serve the needs of the Nashville, middle Tennessee and even national level gun communities.

Beretta Premium

Not Just Another Shotgun But A Piece Of Art

Beretta is known for its top quality firearms. This takes things to a whole new level for the collector and enthusiasts. Introducing Beretta Premium. Nashville Gun & Knife is one of only two select dealers in the entire Southeast.


Caesar Guerini Syren

Nothing Timid About This Girl's Gun

The Caesar Guerini has come out with the new Syren that is especially built for the lady shooter. Not only are they specially built to fit a woman but they are also beautiful.



A Factory Tour

We all love these kind of videos. An inside look at the factory, building process and testing of the iconic Henry repeating rifle.


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