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The Heirloom Series: The Undiscovered Zoli


Over the last few years, as I have become more and more enchanted with contemporary heirloom shotguns, I have discovered a number of lesser known manufacturers that are worth our consideration. One such gun manufacturer is Zoli.


Although the Zoli family began building firearms as far back as the 1500s, the Zoli firearms manufacturer that we know today was founded by Antonio Zoli in Brescia Region of Italy shortly after World War II. As technology has advanced, Zoli has combined the precision of modern machining with the perfection that can only come from the hands of a master craftsman. Although better known in Europe, the Zoli is quickly making its mark in the United States among hunters and competition shooters alike.


All Zoli firearms are equipped with a robust locking system insuring maximum tightness. The axis pins are located in the lower part of the barrel with the bottom lug engaging the action body. All barrel sets are silver soldered rather than the traditional “soft” tin solder used by most gun manufacturers. The silver solder withstands the extreme heat and gradual deterioration that results from the heavy usage of sport shooting or the demands of the dove fields of Argentina.


From the firing pin guide to the detachable trigger locking system, the new Zoli “Z Gun” combines modern technology with old world craftsmanship delivering a true work of art.


The Zoli product line includes the Zoli Express Rifle, the “Z” Series Shotgun with selections for Competition or Game and the Express Rifle/Shotgun combination.


At Nashville Gun & Knife, we inventory and sell a multitude of contemporary heirloom guns. Each manufacturer that we represent has been carefully selected and we believe the Zoli series of guns is a “must see”. Regardless which Zoli you select, from the O/U shotgun to the Zoli Express O/U rifle, we give this gun an A+. You only have to shoulder it to be convinced that a Z Gun has a place in your collection.

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