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The shotgun is arguably the most sought-after product we carry on our shelves. I don’t know if it is the beauty of the gun with the flawless Turkish walnut stocks or the elaborate engraving or maybe it is the casehardened steel that is the trademark of some manufacturers that is such an attraction. And, of course, we have the new technology hunting guns in a variety of calibers that seems to hold the attention of the hunting world. Oh, and yes we carry a fine selection of the traditional hunting guns that continue to hold their ground and popularity against the new technology crowd. Maybe the traffic is heavy because our selection of shotguns is the most comprehensive of any store in the Nashville trade area.


We pride ourselves on having a broad selection. A reliable shotgun has a starting price range beginning around $500. If you are looking for the spectacular, our standard inventory ranges to around $30,000 and includes the breathtaking Beretta Premiums of which we are one of the only exclusive dealers in the entire Southeast US. In short, we can meet your price point.


The 28 gage has gained in popularity in recent years and most manufacturers are now offering a variety of gages from 28 through 12 in most models.


At the risk of omitting the tactical world, most shotgun shoppers either fall into the hunting category or the clay target arena. Shotgun fitting is a topic that receives a lot of discussion. Yes, we can advise you of an obvious misfit in the store but to really explore a gun, shooting it is the only way to know for sure.


At Nashville Gun & Knife, we have a demo program designed for this very purpose. We have purchased 29 guns of various manufacturers that we feel are the most exemplary of each respective product line. For a small charge, a cleaning fee, we can take the hocus-pocus out of the gun fitting process by accompanying you to the range for a brief shoot.


Specialty areas in our shotgun line of products are one of our strong suits. Although scientists disagree on the exact percentage of the population that is left-handed, the consensus seems to be approximately 10%. And then you have the right-handed but left eye dominant shooter that shoots left-handed. In any event, we have a lot of requests for left-handed shotguns. Although the manufacturers don’t build left-handed models in all product lines, we do try to inventory what we can find.


The youth market has been very active during the past year. Although the availability is not universal among manufacturers, we have found and maintain an inventory of youth guns. One such gun is shipped with two stocks. One is a youth stock and one for the young person, as they grow larger.


And don’t forget the lady shooter. We are seeing more and more ladies taking up the sport of clay shooting and hunting. The manufacturers have been slow to accommodate the ladies but happily they are starting to come around. Caesar Guerini has entered the female market in a big way with the introduction in 2014 of the Syren in an over/under or the Syren XLR5 Sporting models for the semi-automatic crowd. The gun is not just shortened to accommodate the shorter length of pull for a lady but it is rebalanced for better weight distribution and carries a Monte Carlo stock for a better fit.


There is no end to the shotgun world. We could drill down and discuss each segment all day. Why don’t you stop by Nashville Gun & Knife and see for yourself the limitless inventory we offer?

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