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One of the most popular and most varied of all guns; the rifle seems to blend ancient with modern. The modern rifle has held on to many of the features and characteristics of those guns developed and built during the Revolutionary War. Although some changes have been made to the stock, that part alone is basically the same design as the muzzleloaders. The modern rifle has been improved for comfort but the similarities with both stock and barrel still exist.


The repeating rifles of the mid-eighteen hundreds are still being manufactured and sold today. The Henry Rifle Company and A. Uberti, a Benelli owned company, produce a series of reproduction guns originally made popular from 1860 to the late 1800s. The 1873 Winchester, the gun that won the west, is still one of the most popular repeating rifles that we sell. Guns of the Civil War era and guns of the Old West have never lost their popularity. At Nashville Gun & Knife, we pride ourselves on a broad selection of these pistol cartridge Rifles, as they are often called.


The modern day hunting rifle has not changed much since the development of the bolt-action military rifle. The barrels may be a bit truer and the bolt carriage maybe a bit shorter, but the guns are basically the same. The biggest differences come in the ammo available today and in the optics of the modern day world.


And of course, no introduction about rifles would be complete without mentioning the modern day tactical rifle, the AR15 series. Although this is basically 50-year-old technology, fifty years is a relatively short span of time in the history of the American rifle. The tactical rifle was developed for the jungles of Viet Nam and has now morphed into a truly high tech modern day combat rifle and sporting rifle. Now used not only for combat, this very enjoyable gun is available with a variety of barrels, barrel lengths, and a world of other accessories that have led it to be called the “Barbie Doll” of guns. At Nashville Gun & Knife, we greatly enjoy helping our customers “trick out” their AR platform guns.

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