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Safety Tips For Real Estate Agents

real estate agent safety

Recent news has caused panic and fear to permeate the real estate industry.


With the recent tragedy involving Arkansas Real Estate agent, Beverly Carter, agents everywhere are paying more attention than ever to safety. Just last month was REALTOR Safety Month, but more than likely not much thought was given to it. Unfortunately, it takes tragedies like this one to realize how dangerous of a field this really is, as are so many other professions.


We asked Nashville Gun & Knife if they have noticed more women or Realtors in general coming into their store. According to the general manager of Nashville Gun & Knife “yes, agents have been quick to inquire about handgun carry permits. Our associates at Agape Tactical have had at least 20 new sign ups from area agents since this story was first reported. We have also noticed a lot more sales in mace and stun guns. We take the safety of our customers seriously. When a weapon is purchased, we make sure that the capability of each is understood. We offer classes through Agape Tactical in both safety and to obtain a handgun carry permit. The worst thing is having a weapon and being afraid to use it because you are not clear on what it can actually do.” Nashville Gun & Knife carries a number of items designed for women, including firearms, holsters, handbags designed for carrying a weapon.


Ken Alexandrow, instructor and owner of Agape Tactical teaches classes weekly. He offers the following advice:


+ When you receive a call from an individual with whom you are not familiar, listen to not only what they are saying but how they are saying it. If you get an uneasy feeling about the caller, trust your instincts.


+ If you choose to meet an unfamiliar client, bring a spouse or another agent along.


+ When you receive a call from an individual with whom you are not familiar, listen to not only what they are saying but how they are saying it. If you get an uneasy feeling about the caller, trust your instincts.


+ Meet clients at the location, never offer to pick them up and drive them.


+ Upon seeing the potential client, if you feel uneasy, drive away.


+ Make sure your office or your significant other knows the location and the person with whom you are meeting.


+ If possible get some form of identification over the phone, the clients full name, a drivers license number and vehicle description. If the potential client is resistant to giving you this information, you should be concerned. If something happens to you and you were able to obtain good information, it will help with any investigation.


+ Develop a check in and out system with a colleague or friend. Keep in close contact during showings. Develop a code word to be used if you are uncomfortable. The police should be called if this word is used, and your location can be shared with them. Your contact should also call the police if you fail to answer your phone after a couple of calls.


+ Consider using Circle of Six. With a couple of taps, this free personal safety app can alert your chosen contacts if something goes wrong when you are meeting with a client.


+ When showing a house, never lead the client into the building. Always let them go in first, so you are near the door and have an avenue of escape if necessary. Do not allow them to lure you into an area of the house from which you cannot escape. If they continually ask you to come over and show them something insignificant, you should be alarmed.


+ If they ask for you to show another property, have them drive themselves and follow you. Do not allow them to sit in your vehicle. Or even worse, don’t get into their vehicle.


+ When hosting an open house, use caution. Apply the above suggestions, and never allow yourself to be trapped in a room. Stay in the living room or kitchen by the back door, and allow people to view the home and come and go as they please.


+ Once you successfully end your appointment, be sure to call your colleagues at the office, and let them know that you are safe.


+ No plan is 100% effective; however, by taking some of these precautions you are less likely to become a victim. Remember, failure to plan is a plan for failure.


If you choose to carry a weapon while showing a house, such as, chemical spray, a taser, or a firearm, it must be present and accessible. Remember, you are only as good as your equipment and your training. If you have a very nice gun but don’t know how to use it, it isn’t helpful. Keep whatever weapon you choose to carry, concealed until it is time to use it. Never give away the element of surprise or your tactical advantage.


For more information regarding firearms, personal safety, seminars or training, please contact Nashville Gun & Knife at their location in Belle Meade.

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