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That Dirty Pocket Pistol

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There are many cautions and rules for the person who decides to carry a firearm. Be discrete, never pull your gun unless you plan to use it, keep your gun away from children, practice frequently, be vigilant and be prepared for a quick response, and the list goes on. I have been carrying a concealed weapon for many years and I pride myself on following all the rules and recommendations of firearm safety. I practice, I train and I constantly disassemble, clean and reassemble my weapons.


Yesterday, I was preparing for work and, as always, started to put my backup pistol in my pocket. I carry it in a DeSantis pocket sleeve. For some reason, I pulled the pistol out of the holster to inspect it. What a mess! It was covered in lint and pocket dust. I realized that I haven’t shot, dissembled or cleaned my little Bodyguard 380 in a long time. It was dry, hard to rack and covered in lint. I am not sure, if I had really needed the gun that it would have performed past the first shot. Neglect and complacency in firearm maintenance can get you killed.


How long has it been since you have given your carry pistol a good checkup? Have you cleaned your trusted weapon recently? How long has it been since you shot your concealed carry pistol at the range? I know I don’t spend enough time shooting the Bodyguard. It is not as much fun to shoot at the range as most of the other guns I have in my safe. Yet, it is the gun that I will depend upon if I am in trouble.


My lesson and my pledge; I will regularly clean my carry gun, I will practice shooting at least one magazine every time I go to the range, and I will practice (with the gun empty) drawing it from my pocket in an effort to reduce the retrieval time should I need it for defense.


Don’t take your handgun for granted. It is a tool and like all tools, it needs maintenance. Like all skills, handgun performance requires practice. Anything less is a setup for a bad situation and possible disaster. How long has it been since you did a safety check on your carry pistol and yourself?

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