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Handgun Fitting Made Easy

handgun fitting

We often hear competition shotgunners speak of a gun fitting. In much the same way as a golf pro fits you with a set of golf clubs that accommodates your particular swing, a gun fitter can fit you with a shotgun that offers the proper length of pull, the proper drop and cast making the gun come into position the same way every time you put it on your shoulder.


The same thing applies when selecting a handgun. There are all sizes of hands. You have big hands, small hands, short fingers and long fingers. In fact, no two hands are the same. Like in golf or in sporting clays, your success on the range or defense shooting may depend upon how well your handgun fits your hand. If you are shooting a large gun but have small hands, it stands to reason you will have less control and as a result will be less accurate on the range.


Most folks with small hands will have a difficult time handling a standard sized 1911 style 45. At the same time, a person with large hands may have a difficult time handling a small pocket pistol. A small automatic with little or no “beaver tail” can actually pinch or cut a shooter with large hands.


Today’s more modern handgun packages come with strap kits that allow the shooter to adjust the size of the grip for a better fit. Small revolvers such as the Smith & Wesson J frame Airweight or Lady Smith can be fitted with an after market grip that enhances the size and cushions the “kick” of this light weight little gun making it much more comfortable to shoot.


Small semi-automatics can be fitted with a magazine extension allowing room for your pinky finger. This allows those of us with large hands the convenience of a more concealable weapon (the pocket pistol).


Your friend may recommend a Glock pistol for you. Always remember to try it before you buy it. Hold it and then hold other type and models of handguns. The Glock may be a fit but you may find you feel better with a Sig or a Beretta. You may feel better with a 1911 style gun or a striker fire style.


No two hands are alike and the only way for you to get a proper fit in a handgun is to put a variety of guns in your hand and see how each one feels. Stop by Nashville Gun & Knife and experience one of the broadest collections of handguns in the southeastern United States.

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