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General Information


Completion Time (Typical)


Sight Installation : 2 to 5 Business Days (longer if machining is required)


Pro-Clean cleaning service : 5 to 10 Business Days


General Repairs : 2 to 3 Weeks


Warranty Returns to Manufacturers : 4 to 6 Weeks, Depending on Manufacturer


Minimum Charge (Typical)


Per Firearm $25 (no exceptions)


Shop Rate


Per Hour $65 (for all custom gunsmithing & machining services not listed)


Conditions & Exclusions


+ We reserve the right to refuse any work, or work we deem would render a firearm unsafe.

+ We DO NOT remove or deactivate firearm safeties.

+ If test firing a firearm is requested or required, the test fire is performed using commercially loaded factory ammunition.

+ We DO NOT perform a test fire with steel-cored, hand-loaded or surplus military ammunition.

+ We DO NOT remove Cosmoline.

+ Parts affixed with epoxy or high-strength Loctite will incur additional removal charge.

+ We DO NOT ACCEPT for service or cleaning, under any circumstance, firearms from the following manufacturers: Astra, Bryco, Cobra, Dan Wesson revolvers (any model), Detonics, Jennings, Hi-Point, Hi-Standard, Phoenix Arms, RG, Safari Arms; as well as any Remington ‘Nylon’ series firearms; nor any obsolete, black powder or antique firearms.

+ We DO NOT service or clean air pistols or air rifles.

+ In certain circumstances, due to a warranty claim or the unavailability of spare parts, we reserve the right to ship a firearm to a manufacturer for repair, which may include additional shipping and handling charges.

+ Firearms not claimed after 90 days will incur a storage fee of $30 per month.



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5703 Old Harding Pike

Nashville, TN 37205


Phone:(615) 356-0838

Hours: M-F 10AM-6PM | Sat: 9AM-6PM | Sun: Closed