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FFL Transfer Policies


Nashville Gun and Knife only accepts transfers from valid FFL dealers & manufacturers. We do NOT accept transfers from private individuals in other states. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Per our company’s policy we require that the transferring FFL must make initial contact with Nashville Gun and Knife requesting our FFL. We will not send our FFL information without a request made by the transferring FFL first.


Nashville Gun and Knife will provide a copy of our FFL to the transferring FFL via email or fax. We will NOT provide a copy of our FFL to any customer; it must be sent directly to the other dealer.


Please do NOT arrange a transfer without first contacting Nashville Gun and Knife. Firearms that arrive without contact info for the transferee will sit in our vault until we can verify who the correct recipient is. Firearms received without a valid FFL enclosed will be held until the proper license is received from the transferring dealer.


Firearms shipped to Nashville Gun and Knife are NOT available for pickup until you are contacted by our staff. Delivery Confirmation from UPS/Fed-Ex etc does NOT mean that the guns have been logged into our books and are ready for pickup. Guns are logged into our books in the order they are received, and may not always be available the same day. Please do not show up to receive transfers until you have spoken with our staff.


When transferring a firearm to Nashville Gun and Knife please include with the firearm a copy of your FFL (or upload it here) along with a Bill of Sale. The bill of sale should include the customer’s information, including name and phone number, along with gun information like make, model, serial number, and date of purchase.


All requests made for Nashville Gun and Knife FFL will be responded to the same or next business day. If for any reason the FFL has not been received by the end of the business day after the request was made please contact: transfers@nashvillegunandknife.com. FFLs may be sent to transfers@nashvillegunandknife.com or by fax, 615-915-4165.

FFL Transfer Fees


+ $55 for first gun + $10 TICS (TN Background Check)


+ $10 per additional gun


+ The $10 additional gun fee applies for multiple guns picked up at one time. Multiple guns picked up over multiple visits will incur the standard $55 fee each.




2 guns picked up same day = $65 + $10 Background Check (TICS)


2 guns picked up on separate days = $110 ($55 each) + $20 Background Check (2 TICS Fees)


ffl firearm transfers

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