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Emergency Food

emergency food

Although you won’t find a large supply of emergency food on our store shelves, that is no indication of a lack of commitment to this very important lifeline. No, I am not a prepper but you only have to read about some of the natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy to realize the importance of an emergency food supply. And, I might add water supply.


To this end, we researched a variety of manufacturers of emergency food products for nutritional benefits, taste and longevity. We settled on the Mountain House line of products. Due to the bulkiness of this product line, we have elected not to inventory the line at the store but to order volume orders on a special order basis. This serves several purposes. You can receive exactly the foods you choose from the manufacturer in the quantity you need and in the container size that bests fits your family size. We have available a complete shopping list of the many various dishes that Mountain House produces in their line of products.


Longevity? The #10 size can, which seems to be the most popular, has a shelf life of 25 years and the freeze-dried pouches have a life of 12 years. This is a measure of the integrity of the taste. The nutritional benefit and product quality is much longer.


Mountain House manufacturers a full line of entrees, vegetable dishes, deserts and snack foods. Reasonably priced and good tasting and it can be on your shelf ready to eat should an emergency occur tomorrow or years from now. I have often heard that we should plan for the worst and hope for the best.


Give us a call and we will help you put together an order.

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