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Clothing and Apparel

clothing and apparel

Sometimes you stumble across a real gem that is totally unexpected. That is exactly what happened when we contracted with Beretta and Browning Firearms companies to carry their guns. During our orientation, we discovered that both companies offered clothing lines that were really very special.


I don’t know what I was expecting when the manufacturers’ reps ask if I would be interested in viewing their lines of clothes and accessories. I suppose I was thinking that they would carry nothing but hunting clothes or maybe a tactical line of products. Certainly, they do have both in their catalogues, but to my amazement, both companies offer a casual line of clothing that have proven to be extremely popular. Casual shirts, sweaters, casual jackets, shooting shirts, range vests, and of course, the ever popular cap. Now, having been in business for more than a year, we are beginning to see a lot of repeat clothing business. Customers that have tried several pieces of clothing are now coming back for more for the next season. I have been so impressed with the quality and comfort of the sports shirts and shooting shirts that I wear them myself for my everyday casual clothing.


And then there is the belt. Have you ever tried to carry your handgun in a high quality holster and then hang it on a flimsy belt? Well it is uncomfortable and maybe just a bit dangerous. I have been introduced to the tactical belt. It comes in both black and khaki and is held in place by industrial strength Velcro. No, it would not be appropriate for a business suit, but for the more casual dress, this little gem is what I wear. It is comfortable and firmly secures your gun and holster. With a price tag of under $50 you really have to give this one a try.


Stop by our Nashville Gun & Knife store and take a look for yourself. You may find yourself sporting a Beretta or a Browning logo on you pocket.

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