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At Nashville Gun & Knife, we pride ourselves on a broad selection of ammunition. A customer may only purchase one gun in a lifetime, but if he or she is practiced at all, they must continue to purchase ammunition frequently.


Our goal is to not only maintain a broad selection of ammunition, but to do our best to offer you the best prices and quality the industry manufactures. If you really don’t know ammo, you need our council. Some of the imported cheap stuff that I see on the market today can cause problems especially with semi-automatic weapons. Some semi-auto pistols are very picky eaters and through experience, we can direct you toward ammunition that will make your pistol purr. When an assailant forces you to use your handgun, it is too late to find out if your gun likes what you have fed it.


If you shoot a lot, you may want to ask us about a volume purchase discount. I must admit that I like to make ragged holes in paper. To that end, I try to purchase my ammunition in 1000 round flats. If you are going to shoot frequently, you may as well buy your ammo all at one time and save a little cash.


Drop by Nashville Gun & Knife and let us prescribe suitable ammunition for your gun.

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