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Hunting and Shooting Accessories

hunting and shooting accessories

At one time when you referred to firearms accessories, you were talking about replacement parts or aftermarket parts designed for weapon improvement. Today, we include in this definition everything from cleaning supplies to gun cases. So, in a brief introduction of firearms accessories, where do we start?


How about moving away from the mundane and discuss the new and exciting products we have seen introduced to the industry this year? The Ultimate Wild, with their hard sided, airtight gun and pistol cases can be easily customized to a specific gun and are offered at a very attractive price. But then you cannot talk about the Ultimate Wild product line without mentioning the action camera (Impact Cam) that simply mounts to the barrel of your shotgun or rifle. Complete with sound, this little camera will record all your shots, your victories and your defeats. Of course, you can erase the defeats. Weighing in at a scant 6 oz., the Ultimate Wild camera is barely noticeable in the performance of your gun. This exciting new line of products will be on your wish list before this year’s hunting season begins.


Have you ever really looked at that old handgun that has been in your safe for many years? No, really look at it. Why don’t you shoot the gun? Don’t like the sights? Don’t like the grips? Kicks too much? You may have a nice gun that just needs to be tricked out a bit. At Nashville Gun & Knife, we carry a full line of products to make that old gun seem new again.


How long has it been since you cleaned your firearms? Many of our customers admit that one time each year (just before hunting season) is about the extent of it. If you don’t clean you guns frequently, it may have been some time since you shopped for cleaning supplies. There are a number of new products on the market today, many of which are designed to take the work out of cleaning. Stop by and have a discussion with our gunsmith. You may just decide to let him do the dirty work.


One of the most sought after accessories is the handgun holster. If you cannot easily access your handgun in an emergency, you may find the situation will not turn out as planned. At Nashville Gun & Knife, we try to carry a variety of holsters for each gun we inventory. Chances are we will be able to meet your holster needs no matter where you purchased your gun.


I have heard that the AR is the Barbie Doll of the gun world. My wallet can tell you first hand that is a correct statement. There is no end to the line of products designed to trick out the tactical rifle. Scopes, lights, rails, slings, stocks, cases and cameras are just a few of the items that you can add to your AR. Don’t like the color or the finish? We can help with that too.


The accessory world is vast. Stop by Nashville Gun & Knife and see for yourself.

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