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Gunsmithing, Cleaning

Nashville Gun & Knife offers high quality gunsmithing and cleaning services. Whether it is repairing something broken, cleaning your firearms or adding that extra special personalization we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality work and customer service in the industry. Learn More...


Knife Engraving

Nashville Gun & Knife offers custom laser knife engraving. Now you can add a lasting message of love that will remind that significant other of their lasting commitment. Maybe you want to say thank you to a special client or employee? Make that special gift even more special by personalizing it with an engraved message! Learn More...



Nashville Gun & Knife is dedicated to keeping our customers up to date on the latest firearms training. Whether it is personal defense, tactical or sport shooting we work with the the very best in the industry. There is no better time than the present to get your conceal carry permit. Why wait any longer? Learn More...


FFL Transfers

Transferring a firearm can be tricky both legally and in the care needed to insure it is properly handled. Not following proper protocol can subject you to significant legal risk as well as risk of loss or seizure. Protect yourself with our FFL program. Learn More...


Trade-In Trade-Up

Do you have a firearm that you no longer need? Maybe you have a gun you no longer want but do have your eye on a newer or different model. At Nashville Gun & Knife we offer a Trade-In and Trade-Up program to get you out of the old and into the new gun of your choice. Learn More...


Class III Program

Yes, items like silencers/supressors can be legally owned. If interested Nashville Gun & Knife we can help with Class III ownership. We also maintain a Gun Trust allowing individuals the ability to use Class III items without having to maintain ongoing possesion. Learn More...


Gun Trust

Managing weapons and their associated risks and regulations can be a hassle. With the help of Nashville Gun & Knife's Gun Trust Program though you can use Gun Trust items without having to worry about ongoing regulations or risk management when the item is not in your possession.

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Demo Program

Purchasing a firearm involves a commitment that can last a lifetime. Because of this obtaining the right gun to fit you and your needs is an important decision. To often a consumer will make a wrong choice based on price alone. With our demo program you can find the right fit that will also fit right into your budget. Learn More...


Gift Ideas

Nothing says I Love You more than a gift of self defense. From handguns, to shotguns to knives to pepper spray Nashville Gun & Knife offers a full line of products that your love ones will enjoy for years to come. Purchase a gift certificate or gift card or join our gift registry and let others know you are registered with us.

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Hunting Season & Event Calendar

Is it hunting season yet? YES!!! Check out the latest calendar of eligible game for hunting. Also included on our calendar are many special events such as training classes and events, activities, resources and other date relevant points of interest to keep you well informed and at peak of performance year around. Learn More...


all-bugged-out All Bugged Out For Survival

By Lewis Austin

In this new world there will be no room for slackers, moochers or whiners. Everyone has to be a leader but also open minded enough, in the right situation, to be a follower. There is little room for self-pride when it comes to survival...

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no pocket lint The Almost Forgotten Pump Shotgun

By Tom Chappell

For the past several years, I have studied the world of shotguns very closely. Maybe I should say I have studied shotgun buyers and their preferences. At Nashville Gun & Knife, we take pride in our broad inventory of quality shotguns...

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no pocket lint Protect Yourself From Pocket Lint

By Tom Chappell

There are many cautions and rules for the person who decides to carry a firearm. Be discrete, never pull your gun unless you plan to use it, keep your gun away from children, practice frequently, be vigilant and be prepared for a quick response, and ...

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women conceal carry Women: Safely Carrying a Concealed Weapon

By Ken Alexandrow

In wake of a recent tragic event that made headlines, where a bright young mother lost her life, Nashville Gun & Knife has asked our friends at AGAPE Tactical, LLC for some advice for women and mothers who want to carry a concealed...

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The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security The 2nd Amendment IS Homeland Security

By Lewis Austin

As the speech began Ralph described, how while the right “to keep and bear Arms” is certainly related to our direct safety in terms of protecting ourselves, and family, from criminal activity, the real and growing threat this right will in fact have...

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protection to landowners Protection To TN Landowners

By Jason Lee

The 2015 Tennessee Legislature passed a new law extending protections to landowners for certain shooting activities performed on their land. Specifically, Public Chapter No. 53 was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam on April 6, 2015 and it extended protections...

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concealed carry The Art of Concealment

By Tom Chappell

One of the most often asked questions that we get at Nashville Gun & Knife is “What kind of holster do I need for maximum concealment?” This is a very good and seemingly simple question that leads us to do some...

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zoli shotgun The Heirloom Series: The Undiscovered Zoli

By Tom Chappell

Over the last few years, as I have become more and more enchanted with contemporary heirloom shotguns, I have discovered a number of lesser known manufacturers that are worth our consideration. One such gun manufacturer is Zoli...

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